Alex Alhomsi

Commercial Installer

Please join us in honoring our commercial installer, Alex Alhomsi! 

Alex has worked with Air Masters of Tampa Bay for 2 years now, and continues to impress his colleagues and our customers daily. 

He spends most of his days climbing on rooftops, installing 40 to 60- ton split units, often using heavy cranes and lifts to get the most difficult and precise commercial A/C installations done right. 


“You have to have a good work ethic , a lot of training, common sense, and you have to be smart. I just love to work,” Alex says. He joined Air Masters of Tampa Bay’s team, following in the footsteps of his brother Anthony, a service tech for Air Masters. 

“I gained a love for this profession, I love what I do every day I wake up. 

No one can live without air… Giving people that cool air when they really need it, that is such a blessing. My goal every day is to give our customers my absolute best. When we are called out to a big job, and other companies couldn’t get the job done, we get them up and running. We are so good at identifying the problem and getting the A/C back up and working again. It’s a high, it’s overwhelming, it’s such a joy to be able to do that for people!”

Alex says he loves working for Air Masters of Tampa Bay because management fosters such a family atmosphere. “I feel like I belong here. They listen, they work with us if there is an issue. We work together to help the customers. 

We give them our all, we go above and beyond.” 

Alex loves to spend time with friends in his spare time. He is an avid rollerblader and skates the Riverwalk in downtown Tampa. 

Ryan Humphreys

Phone Receptionist

We are celebrating one of our newest and brightest employees, Ryan Humphreys! Ryan has been with us for 3 months, and in that short time, has managed to help make hundreds of our customers happy!

Ryan is one of our main phone receptionists. He is often the first point of contact between someone needing relief from the intense heat and a cold A/C rescue.

“I started working here right at the start of summer, so we are REALLY busy. Everyone is calling us with an A/C issue or problem. They need help fast. They are hot, upset and stressed and my job is to calm them and get them the help they need, “Ryan says. “That’s my strength— I treat them with kindness. I’m a quick thinker, a problem-solver, and my goal with each customer is to make them happy by getting them to the right person to talk to to fix their issue.

Maintenance and Customer Service Manager, Marilyn Mack says, “ Ryan is coachable, has a strong work ethic, and is a definite team player, helping wherever he can. I’m super glad that he’s a part of our Air Masters family.”

The family atmosphere and teamwork is what Ryan loves so much about working with Air Masters of Tampa Bay. “Everyone here is so helpful and understanding. This is such a great A/C company because we all care and we are all so dedicated to resolving customers issues quickly, just look at the reviews! It makes me feel so good to work here!”

Ryan breeds reptiles in his spare time and enjoys going to the gym. 

He is also studying to be a nurse. 

Jason Reigottie 

A/C Install Manager

Meet Jason Reigottie, A/C Install Manager for Air Masters of Tampa Bay! Jason has worked with us for more than 25 years and is one of the most loyal, dependable reliable team members we’ve ever had. Jason says his 25 years with us “speaks for itself.”

“Air Masters is great people, great bosses, a great place to work. I feel like it’s home here, like it’s a family.” 

Jason says his goal every day is to make sure customers are happy with the job he has done. 

He is extremely proud to work for Air Masters because he says,  “the entire company works hard to go above and beyond customers’ expectations.”

“We do the job right the first time. We also do many things other companies do not do. For example, we will revisit a customer’s home after an installation and make sure everything is perfect to pass inspection.  Going the extra mile in everything we do makes us who we are.” 

Jason is very active in sports and loves to play disc golf in his spare time. 

Terrence Benjamin

Lead Commercial Installer

Join us in honoring our Lead Commercial Installer, Terrence Benjamin! Terrence has worked for Air Masters of Tampa Bay for over 16 years. He is an exceptional A/C technician who loves his job and has a positive attitude every day he comes to work.

“I get up at 3:30 every morning. This job is very demanding, but I love the challenges, “ Terrence says. “I am pro-active and I jump on problems before they happen. I am problem -solver, and my job is to please the customer and go above and beyond to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Know that I am always going to take great care of you!” 

Terrence credits Air Masters of Tampa Bay Owner/Founder John DeYoung and VP Philip Gonsalves with helping to encourage him and build his work ethic over the years. 

“John gave me this opportunity and was honest with me from day one— He always kept his word to me. Philip is like an uncle to me. We are all like family here, and they have helped me build my career. Today, I am a well- respected A/C technician, but, at the end of the day, it’s all about love.” 

Terrence enjoys water sports and playing basketball in his spare time. Most of all, he loves spending time with his wife and 2 children. 

Casey Oakley 

Service Manager

We are honoring our service manager Casey Oakley! 

Casey has worked with our Air Masters of Tampa Bay team for more than 8 years. She is one of those treasured, loyal and dependable key people who others look up to. Our other team members describe Casey as “always giving her 150% for customers.” 

We have won many awards for our customer service, and Casey is a big reason for this. 

When our customers need service, Casey is “ on the case!” 

“I don’t walk away from a challenge— I strategize and make moves daily to help people when they need comfort and cold air and I do it in the best way possible. I’m very good at organizing. Our owner John has always set the example for us here,” Casey says. “We are a family here. I love our customers, I love the training we continuously are doing here so we can constantly learn and grow together. We all pitch in and help each other to get the job done, and great communication is key to do the job right the FIRST time and keep our customers happy. We are so goal- oriented here. We are dedicated, compassionate and we care about our customers— This is why we stand out as an A/C company here in Florida. We have a very professional team of owners who care about us, and who care about the community and give back.

I truly believe we are the best! We are trusted, we have the best techs, we stand behind our work. It is hard for AC companies to stay in business and we have been here for over 40 years, that says so much! 

Love is in the air here!” 

Casey enjoys spending time with her family. She has 2 sons and a new Pit Bull puppy named Tucker. 

Marilyn Mack

Residential Maintenance Manger

This month we are celebrating Marilyn Mack! Congratulations on her 6th anniversary with Air Masters of Tampa Bay! 

Marilyn is our Residential Maintenance Manager, but she wears many hats when it comes to keeping our business running smoothly and efficiently! 

Marilyn is an expert problem solver. Each day, her goal is to please every customer. 

She says, “I work closely with our Service Department. They are Second to none. Together, we make sure our customers have cold A/C  up and running in their homes.”

Marilyn is an expert problem solver. Each day, her goal is to please every customer. 

She says, “I work closely with our Service Department. They are Second to none. Together, we make sure our customers have cold A/C  up and running in their homes.”

Marilyn says it’s all about health and comfort, and her daily efforts go beyond business. 

“I love connecting with our customers. We have a huge senior citizen community here and I have a heart for seniors. If anyone is sick or in the hospital, I make sure to send them a card, note or call them to show we care about them.” 

Marilyn says she loves working for Air Masters. 

“It’s like a family here.  We have to love each other through our busiest days , sometimes it takes patience and grace. Our great success is built on our commitment to our customers and to quality workmanship. Our techs are so skilled and continually educated, our leadership is committed to excellence.  This is my happily ever after — I will retire here!”

Marilyn and her husband Kelly are very active in their church. 

Marilyn volunteers in the ladies ministry, Sneakers for Souls, helps the homeless and participates in walks for breast cancer awareness and research.

Gary Nichols

Field Supervisor

Meet Gary Nichols, Field Supervisor and one of our star Service Technicians! Gary has been a valuable part of the Air Masters of Tampa Bay team for 7 years now. 

He describes himself as a sort of a “fireman,” as he spends the day coming to the rescue of people who need relief from our Florida heat! 

“People love you when you can come in and totally change the course of their day or week for the better”, Gary says. “It can be 90 degrees in their home, and I am very good at diagnosing issues and problems with HVAC systems, to the point where I can make repairs efficiently and often get them comfortable and cool again very quickly. That is the best part of my job, it is instant gratification. I am highly technical, detail oriented and I tend to catch things that may be easily overlooked. My goal everyday I come to work is to take care of our customers and make sure they are living in total comfort! 

I consider that a service to our community. I love working for Air Masters of Tampa Bay because they are dedicated to making customers happy, their customer service is excellent and they put family first. I am a single Dad and if I have any problems, they are completely understanding and there for me.” 

Gary also loves spending time at the beach, kayaking and fishing with his 7- year old daughter. 

Chad McIntyre

Service Department

Meet Chad McIntyre— A rising star at Air Masters of Tampa Bay! A customer favorite, Chad works in our service department handling maintenance on units and emergency calls.  

He is blessed with outstanding ability and people skills, perfect for his job. He literally comes to the rescue of people in heated situations every day!

“I’m an A/C doctor,“ Chad says. “People are hot when I first see them, but then I always leave them with a smile. We turn that frown upside- down. We don’t see them as customers, we see them as family.” 

Chad says he loves his job, and especially enjoys working for Air Masters “because we handle everything as a team. It’s never just the one name on the shirt. It’s all of us, working together.” 

Chad is born and raised in Tampa, FL and enjoys the beach and outdoor activities. 

He spends much of his spare time working with troubled youth at local juvenile detention centers through his prison ministries outreach. 

He explains his passion to help young people: “Our youth are the face of tomorrow. Some of the hardest workers are those with troubled pasts.” 

Nikki Baker/ Account

Receivables Manager 

A huge congratulations to Nikki Baker, Account Receivables Manager for Air Masters of Tampa Bay! She is celebrating her 10th anniversary with us!

Nikki has done a wonderful job for our company over the years, and treats every customer with the utmost professionalism and respect. 

Nikki, affectionately nicknamed “Bulldog,” admits she has always been a “go- getter,” and strives to be the best at her job. “I LOVE working here, for many reasons, “ Nikki says. “It’s a family here, not like a normal job. Everybody here works so well together, we are very close. We have a very strong team. Someone is always there to help you, everyone here is so amazing, and that all translates into an excellent experience for our customers. We are an honest and dependable company and we treat our customers like family. You will not find a better A/C company out there, really. 

It’s a family -owned and operated  company, and my boss is a female—Beverly, has lots of kids and strong family values, and she is a great example. She understands what customers want , and we discuss customers needs at length. This is what really sets us apart and makes our company so great.”

Nikki loves spending her spare time with her 3 sons. Together, they breed reptiles, and enjoy growing their own fruits and vegetables. Nikki also loves volunteering for local animal rescues. 

Olivia DeVille

Customer Service

Look who we are honoring this month! Olivia DeVille is celebrating her second anniversary with Air Masters of Tampa Bay!

Olivia works in our customer service department. She is responsible for helping to schedule service and maintenance appointments and keeps daily reports. She is on the “front lines” with our customers daily, and she loves it! 

Olivia says this is why she loves her job so much. “I get along with people. My goal every day is to show people I care about their needs and treat each customer like a friend or family member. I want them to say at the end of the day,“ Olivia took care of me today.” 

Olivia also says she is proud to work for Air Masters of Tampa Bay. “The people here care for their employees. My manager is wonderful and she does her best to help me with anything I need. This helps me to reach my goals every day, and my goals are to help people in need of A/C and solve their problems. This sets us apart. We do things so differently here. We just try to educate the customer, they are number one. We don’t just run in and run out of your door. You are going to get the best care and knowledge . When people call us, we take the time, we treat them like our family. There aren’t many companies out there that do that anymore.” 

Olivia is also very active in her church, children’s ministries, and volunteers with Feeding Tampa Bay. She loves to travel and enjoys spending time with her elderly Mom, 6 children and 9 grandchildren. 

 Robert Ciccone

Field Supervisor

Help us celebrate our new Field Supervisor, Robert Ciccone!

Robert has been with Air Masters of Tampa Bay for almost 2 years now and has quickly earned this deserved promotion. 

Robert oversees operations of all of our big commercial jobs, and spends his days diagnosing the most complex A/C issues.

“My colleagues always tell me “ it was broken until you got here,”Robert says. “I am a very good problem solver. A lot of times I go out there after 5 or 6 people from other companies and I fix it and it’s up and running cold air. My brain just thinks in gears and moving parts. My brain bonds with the unit and I can just figure it out. A lot of times, A/C units tell me what’s wrong with them. I love coming in on a job and “putting the cape on.” 

Yes, Robert is our superhero, or A/C Whisperer!” Our customers love him because he gives them over 100% and is the last one on the job. Our team loves Robert because he helps make their days go smoother. Service manager Casey Oakley says, “Robert is the man to get the job done right the first time! 

He goes above and beyond to get our customers comfortable again.

The man for any job!“

Robert admits he is a perfect for our company.

“I know how many other A/C companies operate, and Air Masters of Tampa Bay is way above and beyond them. This company CARES, really cares more about the customers. We help them financially, physically, we will even show up on a Sunday and put a spot cooler in to get you cold in an emergency. No other A/C company will do that. We also educate them, and offer them solutions that will help them take care of their A/C more efficiently. 

Air Masters also takes care of us and treats us like family. They give back too, and I love that! I know I will be working here until I hang the towel up!”

Robert loves spending time with his 2 young children. He enjoys building computers and working on diesel engines in his spare time.

Lou Feliciano

Warehouse Manager

Lou is one of our most enthusiastic employees here at Air Masters of Tampa Bay! He has made some huge contributions. 

His strong work ethic, combined with proactive leadership, organizational and computer skills, landed him a recent promotion to warehouse manager. 

Lou is grateful for the opportunity to keep inventory straight and the product budget under control, while balancing orders and handling the needs of service, installation and maintenance crews . “I enjoy working here every day,“ Lou says. 

“It’s because of the people I work with. They are genuinely nice. They are willing to share their lunch if you need it. It’s just a great work environment, and you just can’t always find that. I got lucky!” 

Brooklyn- born and raised, Lou loves living in Florida now with his wife of 37 years. They have 1 son, who also works here at Air Masters of Tampa Bay,  2 dogs and his family enjoys rescuing cats. 

You can often find Lou, in his spare time,   “relaxing” on the shooting range, enjoying some target practice! 

Emmanuel Watson

Service Tech

Emmanuel is in charge of quality control audits. This means he makes sure all installations are done correctly. He is very technical, extremely reliable, rarely misses a day of work.

Our customers love him, and he loves them.

Emmanuel spends much of his time outside of work volunteering in our community. Among his passions, the Special Olympics, The NAACP, and a community podcast he hosts that now attracts more than 20,000 Instagram followers.

Congratulations to Emmanuel and his fiancé, as they welcomed their new baby boy just weeks ago!

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