Air Duct Repair

If your HVAC system is operating inefficiently but an inspection has not turned up any answers, the problem may be with your ductwork. Whether it is an airflow issue or something is not sealed properly, you can trust our team to resolve the issue without trying to “oversell” you into a service you do not need.

Here are some warning signs your ducts may be in need of repair:

  • Rising energy bills: Mysterious increase? Leaky ducts may to blame.
  • Uneven heating or cooling: Inconsistent temperatures throughout your house indicate a problem with airflow.
  • Increased dust: Dusty vents and rooms suggest air is bypassing the filters and leaking from the ducts.
  • Strange noises: Rattling or banging sounds coming from the ductwork could mean a rodent has chewed a hole in your duct work or something is coming loose in your air handler.

DIY Duct Repair vs Calling a Pro

For minor tears or holes, patching the ductwork yourself might be a tempting solution. However, extensive repairs or those involving mold remediation are best left to us, the experts.

Air Duct Sealing

Most homes, on average, experience up to 20 to 40 percent leakage in their air ducts. That’s a lot of cash slipping through the cracks! Leaks in your ductwork allow the airflow to escape and while drawing dirt, dust, and other contaminants into the air you breathe.

Sealing saves you huge expense on those monthly utility bills and makes your home more comfortable. You enjoy cleaner air and your entire HVAC system runs more efficiently because air is no longer leaking out. Sealing also lengthens the life of your system since will not need to run it as much.

Air Duct Installation and Replacement

The #1 reason you have cold and hot spots in your home is from poor duct design!

We are the duct experts and can determine if poor duct design is costing you more money on your power bills and less comfort in your home.

Whether the time has come to replace your old ductwork, or you want to extend your ductwork to a new addition in your home, Air Masters of Tampa Bay will get the job done correctly. We have the expertise to integrate new air ducts with your existing HVAC system so that everything works together seamlessly.

Our ductwork experts know how to avoid the sharp bends and long runs that might disrupt the airflow. When we install new ductwork in your home or business, we properly connect and tightly seal all ducts to the highest standards under the NADCA.

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