Tune Up for the Hot Summer!

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We have a few good bits of advice for you to consider with summer on the horizon here in Florida!

You certainly should be thinking about getting your A/C tuned up because of the high humidity we experience almost daily. 

Humidity has a propensity to grow algae in the drain pan if your drain line is not working properly. 

Algae, mold and mildew will also form and grow on the evaporator coil if your air flow is not correct.

Air Masters of Tampa Bay checks these items during our annual tune ups/maintenance.

If you do have a problem, we immediately tell you what the solution would be. 

If the problem can be fixed at the time you will be advised by the technician. 

If a larger problem exists, the technician may have to  return with a more in-depth diagnosis.  

Just so you know, during the tune up, the refrigerant charge is checked along with many electrical probes such as testing capacitors on the motors for full charges and wiring connections.

This intensive and thorough tune up will save you money on your electric bill. So much, in fact, many times our customers tell us the money they save pays for the tune up.

You can also reduce emergency calls. We all know what they cost.

No doubt, routine maintenance and annual tune ups breathe longer life into your A/C unit!