Tips to Avoid a Summer Meltdown

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Your old A/C unit is still running. But you know it’s on its last legs. Do you wait until it dies (likely, it will happen on one of Florida’s many 90 degree, humid,  summer days!) 

Or, do you educate yourself now about the best company to call on and the most efficient A/C options for your home or business?
We advise, of course, that you do your homework now. You want a long-standing, reputable, honest company. You need outstanding customer service and highly trained and educated techs to advise you on your best, money-saving options.

Yes, please be fully prepared and ready for any A/C disaster! 

We’ve seen it so many times. People have an A/C break down, panic and call the first company they think of. With no knowledge of the company’s background, service or integrity, they often make a quick, uneducated, impulse buy and end up with an A/C unit they did not want or need.

We encourage you to do your research . Air Masters of Tampa Bay is an award- winning company for service, growth and workmanship. In fact, we offer what most HVAC companies would not dare… A LIFETIME guarantee on our workmanship. 

If you’ve got an “old clunker” A/C unit, we can help you prepare to “put it to rest” and find the most affordable and efficient way to cool your home for the future. 

We guarantee we will save you money with our A/C trade-in program, where we will give you up to $1500 toward a new A/C unit! Plus, 60 months no interest financing . Oh, and we will help you save a lot of money on your electric bills! 

Call Air Masters of Tampa Bay now. Be smart, be prepared and be assured you are working with only the best. 

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