Repairing your A/C- Heating System versus Replacing in the Tampa / St Petersburg Market

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There are three things to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace.

    1. Life Expectancy — Most units last 10 to 12 years,after that point they become expensive to repair and may break down more often. After this time the parts may be discontinued, causing them to be more expensive if not completely unavailable. Consider the age of your equipment when you decide whether to replace or repair your unit.If you have had maintenance performed every year on your unit add 4 to 5 years.
    2. Efficiency — If you restore an aging unit,which is expensive to do,you will still only have the same efficiency that it was rated for when it was manufactured at best. Older units have a lower efficiency [S.E.E.R.] than the new model would.Savings can amount to 40% and higher. Installing a new system can pay for itself in energy savings within a relatively short period of time and increase your comfort level in the home.
    3. Current Condition — Consider the condition of your system when you decide whether to repair or replace. Some considerations are the Quality of the equipment { reputable, builder models} number of breakdowns and how the unit has been maintained.

Note : Matching systems, when either the air handler or the condenser needs replacing the technicians should recommend both indoor and outdoor units be replaced so you have a matched system. If you do not do this 99% of the systems will not operate correctly leaving you with a system that will have a shorter life span and be very will not pass a code inspection also and you will not have any warranty if the manufacture finds our about the mix match.