New Government Program May Help You Get Free A/C

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These days, homeowners at various income levels are looking for some serious relief.

Inflation is currently, by far, the biggest financial concern of US families, with 60% citing the rising costs of living as their main challenge. Paying for gas, food, housing, and staying on budget are listed as top concerns. 

The latest research shows that American families are also not expecting these things to improve 

anytime soon. Consumer surveys show 90% of Americans believe inflation will grow and continue into the next year.

With temperatures already to soaring, cool relief may cause even more financial grief for those with shaky or failing A/C systems. 

First of all, powering an A/C doesn’t come cheap— In 2020, 34 million U.S. households (27%) said they could not meet their energy needs 

at some point, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA.)

But, there is encouraging news on the horizon, and it comes just in time. 

A new government energy rebate program, available soon under the new Inflation Reduction Act, will help qualifying families be able to get brand new 

A/C for their homes for FREE! 

Air Masters of Tampa Bay is helping to spread this good news by 

guiding families to file these claims for eligibility and installing these new A/C units as part of this new government program.

Families at all income levels may be eligible for several rebates under the program, which can total up to $8000. For details on this government rebate  you can read more about it here:

We are happy to help you qualify for this amazing rebate.

To see if you qualify, all you have to do is call Air Masters of Tampa Bay at  (813) 234-2419.