New A/C Home Warranty Changes for Florida

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A/C Warranties—Breaking News! 

Good news! A new law, effective July 1, 2023, protects homeowners when dealing with A/C warranties and purchasing homes with warranties. 

•A/C warranty registration/ equipment, when registered, is now attached to the home/ product and not to the homeowner, as was the case in the past. This means there is no need for the new homeowner to have the warranty transferred into their name once they purchase the home. 

•Under Florida House Bill 1203, products registered for the longer limited warranty, will remain with the equipment until that limited warranty expires, regardless of the property ownership. 

•This applies to every A/C brand, and warranties will be honored for  any registered A/C product in the state of Florida, regardless of when it was registered.

•The limited warranty remains with the equipment. In the event of a homeowner change, the subsequent homeowner will retain the limited warranty terms of the previous homeowner.

•Product registration within 60 days of installation is still required to receive the longer, registered, limited warranty terms.

•The transfer of warranty will not cost the new homeowner anything and will not have to be transferred to the new owner’s name. 

•It is not necessary to report a change in ownership to the warranty company. 

•Many A/C companies leave it to the homeowner to file for their A/C and equipment warranty, though homeowners can often forget to register. If this happens, the warranty is cut in half.
(Instead of a 10-year warranty, you would get a 5- year warranty.)

Air Masters of Tampa Bay goes above and beyond for our customers in every way, and this includes warranty registration. 

When you buy your new A/C from us, you never have to file any warranty paperwork. We take care of all warranty registration and keep track your warranty files for you! Trust us when you need a new A/C —You can’t buy that kind of protection and peace of mind. 
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