Lets Talk Air Conditioning and Heating Utility Rebates for Hillsborough County

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OK starting May 3rd 2011 TECO has come out with a new updated Rebate Program.So here we go.

For Hillsborough County and Surrounding Counties that TECO serves

If you are adding a New Air Conditioning Heat Pump system to your existing home you receive $400 instant rebate from TECO. What that means is that we subtract the TECO rebate off your contract price and we submit the paper work to TECO who than reimburses us. All other rebates involving TECO will work the same. Here’s why this is a big deal. TECO has never given a rebate for a brand new installation before. You get this rebate also if you are adding an addition to your house*. If you are building or buying a new house there is no rebate. The following is the equipment that qualifies for the rebates.


Heat Pump Old to New 15 SEER Heat Pump————————————$275

Heat Strip Old to New 15 SEER Heat Pump————————————$400

Gas Furnace Old to New 15 SEER Heat Pump———————————-$400

Oil Furnace Old to New 15 SEER Heat Pump———————————–$400


Gas Furnace and Air conditioning Old to New Gas Furnace and 15 SEER Air Conditioning–$500

Straight cool or Heat Pump Old to New Gas Furnace and 15 SEER Air Conditioning–$750

*15 SEER mini-split heat pumps now qualify for $400 rebate

The auxiliary Heat Strip KW for a Heat Pump has changed to the following

  1. Up to 2.5 tons————-5KW
  2. 3 through 4.5 tons——–8KW
  3. 5 ton————————-10KW

This was done because in colder temperatures some customers felt that their home was not keeping warm enough. So they increased the allowable heat strip size and still qualify for the rebate.