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Lets Talk About Mismatching Air Conditioning & Heating Units

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When selecting the air conditioning and heating equipment needed to provide the comfort and energy savings that is listed on either the condensing unit [outside unit] or the airhandler [inside unit] the two pieces need to be matched per the manufactures recommendations.If not you will not get the performance you were told. That is SEER… Read More »

Lets talk heating with Heat Pumps and the defrost cycle

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What happens when a Heat Pump goes into defrost and why! A Heat Pump may go into defrost when you turn on your heat. Instead of the refrigerant cooling your house down the refrigerant heats up your house. In the cooling cycle heat is absorbed from your house by the refrigerant and discharged to the… Read More »

Florida Air Conditioning Company Receives Contract to Complete the First LEED Platinum Certified Portable Classroom

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Tampa, FL (PRWEB) April 8, 2008 — Air Masters of Tampa Bay, Inc. has begun a new project in the bay area. They are working in conjunction with Hillsborough County Charter Schools and Charles Girard Construction to install the first 100% Outdoor air unit for a portable classroom. This charter school has received large amounts… Read More »