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Replacement refrigerants for R22 good or bad?

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With the cost of refrigerant 22 increasing many people have been asking if there was a less costly refrigerant to replace R 22 when they have a leak in their air conditioning system.The answer is yes with cautions.They are: Manufactures are recommending that only original R 22 be used in there A/C equipment and if… Read More »

Happy Holidays

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Happy Holidays from AIR MASTERS OF TAMPA BAY. Last year was a busy year for us and I would like to give you an update. Beverly Bosley our President had a baby girl named Persephone. I hope the kid is an English major to explain her name all her life. This is Beverly’s 6th and… Read More »

Lets Talk Federal Tax Credits Now

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I apologize for being gone for the last 3 months but I’m back and will try to give you some good information that you can use to make some informed decisions about our industry. Being that this is the beginning of the year I thought I would start off by bringing you up to date… Read More »