Are Mini-Splits Worth It?

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A mini-split, or ductless air conditioner, is an appliance that can both cool and heat a home.

While a traditional heating and cooling system can be turned on or off, each indoor unit of a mini-split can be set to a different temperature. And each indoor unit only requires a few smaller lines run to it, rather than large ducts.

Mini-splits give homeowners more control over the temperature throughout the home, and tend to be more efficient than traditional air conditioners. Mini-split A/C units do not require ductwork. This, obviously, makes them a good option for homes without ductwork, since adding ducts can be very costly when installing a traditional HVAC system.They are also about 25-30% more efficient than traditional A/C systems.

Mini-splits are popular for families who disagree about the right temperature, new additions or rooms in a home that don’t have ducts or are rarely used. They are optimum for areas with specific heating or cooling challenges (sunrooms)  are also great for keeping pets comfortable in one room while you’re at work! They are also ideal for homes with no attic space.

The most typical indoor unit you’ll see is a wall-mounted unit.  These are generally mounted about 6 inches from the ceiling in order to distribute cool air downwards, as the warmer air will rise.

Mini-splits can provide major energy efficient savings because of zoned temperature control and 0% air loss through air ducts. (because there are none.)

You are also experiencing higher quality indoor air, as each indoor unit in a mini-split setup has its own air filter. It can be easily replaced by the homeowner with nothing more than a stepladder.

As for cost, there can be a higher up- front investment to installing mini-splits, including some minor electrical work. But, putting in new ducts into a home for a central air system, especially an older home, is expensive.

A single-zone mini- split system can cost $2,000-$6,000. Multi-zone systems that cover an entire home generally can be more cost- effective.

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