Alert to all HVAC Florida Rebate Qualifiers

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I have just come back from vacation to find out that the HVAC Florida $1500.00 Rebate program has been put on hold.The explanation seems to be that the funds were not properly appropriated and has to be reassigned to the proper distributing fund.This has nothing to do with the Federal Tax Credit of $1500.00 which is going on till the end of the year. When they will have this resolved is anybody’s guess. But if I was to guess I would think that it would take place within a month because the money has been given to Florida from the Federal government to produce jobs, save energy and help people with the cost of the equipment.We will be contacting the Legislature to get this done quickly and recommend you do the same.

In the meantime, we are recommending that if you need a new HVAC system you move ahead with your purchase,get your paper work in order and mailed so when the program is started you are already in line to receive your rebate check of $1500.00.

This program has a limited amount of funds $15,000,000.00 and when its gone its gone or if the program is not instituted the funds go back to the Federal Government and I don’t know why the Florida Legislature would want that to happen.

So stay in touch we’ll keep you updated.