Air Quality

Why should I be interested in air quality in my home or business?

Over a lifetime, you could be breathing in polluted air such as Chinese dry wall, off gassing of formaldehyde, second hand smoke, small doses of exhaust fumes from your garage, high dosage of volatile organic chemicals and not enough oxygen in the air because of high CO2 levels.

This could lead to lung disease, cancer and other respiratory problems.

While some of these problems did occur years ago, older houses weren’t as air tight as the homes today. Fresh air into the home is not always the case today.

Some examples of bad air circulation or contaminants:

  1. You are getting leaks in your evaporator often “Less than 5 years”
  2. Odors persist in your home.
  3. Someone in the home has respiratory problems.

Because of these problems, the industry has found different ways to reduce these problems from special filters to introducing fresh air into the house through mechanical efforts. If you think you have one of these problems or would like to have your house tested, give us a call at 813-234-2419. We are your local Tampa Bay, FL air conditioning and heating contractor since for over 35 years.